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Number 35

A bit about us

number 35 was born out of necessity. Working as a Managing Director for a high-profile furniture company, our founder, Andrea Cecile Cohen needed a strong wardrobe that was fit for purpose. She needed simple elegant clothes that fitted perfectly, looked good and travelled well.

She wanted to shop in a friendly, local environment that offered great service, good advice and a smile. After years of not being able to find clothes that met her requirements and seeing that other women were struggling with the same issue, Andrea took matters in her own hands and decided to create number 35.

Her first season to launch the Highgate showroom featured a capsule collection that was full of the ‘must-have’ pieces missing from most women’s wardrobes. Fit was the most important consideration, so Andrea offered her clients an alteration service to ensure that each piece enhanced her clients’ natural body shape and this evolved to include a full made-to-measure service, where clients could personalise their purchases.

A second showroom opened in Chelsea in 2008 to meet the growing demand for number 35 clothes and to facilitate the design of a larger collection.

Interested in the psychology behind dressing as well as the clothes themselves, Andrea launched The Body Forum™ in 2010, a workshop designed to enable women to become more confident in who they are and what they want to achieve. The Body Forum™ helps them assess their body image and understand why it matters, as well as offering a comprehensive guide to dressing for their particular body shape.

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2012 saw the latest evolution in the number 35 story. With the introduction of Business Basics, Fashion and the Andrea Cecile collections.

Business Basics is the core range of versatile, essential pieces that are available throughout the year. The Fashion range takes inspiration from the latest colour and style trends whilst the Andrea Cecile collection is a limited edition of pieces using exquisite fabrics and innovative designs.

2012 also saw the launch of The Intelligent Wardrobe™, which is a transient combination of pieces from all the number 35 ranges.

Number 35