Adapting to change… that’s us!

It’s no secret that London doesn’t pride itself on its weather. Rainy autumns, warm winters, windy springs and non existent summers. We Brits have come to expect and love it what we have.. Or have we..

During the past six months, we have noticed a major weather shift that has been reported to be of permanent nature. As it turns out, the cold winds we are experiencing in June and July are here to stay for our summers. That, combined with a few ‘heat wave’ days will define the summer season from now on, depressing? Very.

For small companies like ours it can be a godsend. One of the biggest advantages to being a small fashion business is that we can react to change instantly. For example, if next week the weather forecast predicts 36 degrees, we could make some light airy summer dresses on the spot, that would sell. Same goes for making jackets or long sleeved tops for those ‘cold waves’. As we design and manufacture locally we can work within a 10 day turnaround, getting stock made immediately.

In fact, last week, just as some heat was finally rolling in, we decided to produce some gorgeous linen tops in white and navy. And guess what? 60% sold out within four days. Most clients bought one in both colour.

Big fashion brands dont have that advantage as they produce all their stock more than six months in advance in China, and not able to take instant weather changes into account. What’s worse for the big brands is that not only do they not adapt to immediate change, but they are also stuck with the stock that they thought would sell, but didn’t. Margins and profit drop like a brick when 4 weeks after the brand new stock hits the shops, it then hits the sales rack. That’s why so many beautiful items are on sale now – they just don’t go with the rain!

We might have less stock than all those major brands on the high street but what we always try to do is make it quickly, make it relevant and make it last!!