Model behaviour

So we had an exciting and glamorous day yesterday! We had a photoshoot! Ok so maybe it wasn’t as exciting or glamorous as I wanted it to be – I mean, no one tripped, there was no bitchy photographer and no wardrobe malfunction.. but still.

We are working with O2 on their Priority Moments scheme and will be featured as part of their small business partners. We had a photoshoot in the Fulham Road showroom for the image that goes onto their website and in their promotional material. It’s a great little scheme and offers discounts, perks and promotions to O2 customers on a priority basis.

O2 wanted one of us to be in the shot along with the clothes to add a bit of personality to the photo and this is where having an in-house model helps. Kristina to the rescue!! She stepped up and agreed to model for us even though it meant getting up early on Monday morning and hanging around for a good hour or so while the photographer set up the shot.

And she didn’t even have the luxury of a hair and make-up team or a battalion of minders to preen her and run around making her tea and acceeding to whatever ridiculous diva demands she may have had as a model. Instead she had me – who turned up an hour later than her, made my tea without even asking her if she wanted anything and stood around chatting to the cute guy from the agency while she posed. She didn’t even get to keep the black and white dress she modelled for us even though she looked absolutely gorgeous in it!

Anyway, the photoshoot went really well and the final shots looked great. I’ve always thought one of our strongest points is our use of colour and the photo is testament to this fact with our stunning orange, red and blue dresses looking incredibly strong and very directional.

We can’t wait to see the final shot and will put it up once we have it!

In the meanwhile, excuse me while I go and make amends with Kristina and offer her half of my biscuit.