What we can all learn from Winners

It’s been a very interesting month for the UK and especially for London. The build up to the Olympics has been so mixed. During the first half of the month, the negative press was unbelievable. Every day more rubbish about G4S and the half baked way they recruited security. Now the Olympics have started, the press have nothing but praise for TeamGB athletes… and quite rightly too!

I don’t want to focus on the press or the Olympics as a whole. I want to focus on the athletes and what they do to achieve their medals. I want to look at their complete and total focus and really what we can learn from them.

The new TeamGB (and I think we can call them new) no longer just look at the psychical strength of the body but, much more importantly, focus on the mental and emotional side of the athlete. I think now we all understand that once the mind works together with the body, incredible results can be achieved.

This has always been an element that captured my interest. As someone who is so tough on myself and realizing that I am a perfectionist, (I have to say this surprised me, as I had no idea) I always understood that if I worked on my mind, all other elements will flow naturally.

The mind is so powerful that it has the ability to control your body, your thought process, your actions and inevitably- your future.

So, in order to make your business successful, your brain has to focus on the goals and nothing else. There can be no doubts in your success, because once doubts arise, your confidence will drop and so will the level of your work. I admit, it’s not always easy and I sometimes want to shout at my brain ‘Why isn’t anything happening yet!?’

But it will. As long as you have the right mind set and concrete goals, it will come. Oh, and working hard also helps!

The pressure our athletes have to deal with, competing on home soil, must be traumatising. Imagine the entire country watching you, hoping and believing that you will win gold.

Well, even though an entire country doesn’t have their eyes on me (they certainly should though, I can be pretty entertaining!) running a small business still has its expectations and time limits. Will we please all our clients? Will the new collection be delivered on time? Will we be able pay our bills each and every month? These are just some of the things that go through my head every day and to deliver on a creative and professional level as well – a positive goal orientated mind must stay strong, focused and be the dominant force. That small monkey that says ‘no, you won’t do it’, needs to be locked up and the key chucked well and truly away. That’s the art that the TeamGB coaching team is teaching its athletes and WE all have to learn to create that strength of mind.

So, next time you feel like giving up – take a few deep breaths, turn on your TV and watch a re-run of the rowers or the cyclist winning their gold medals.. that’ll get you back on track.

Finally, in my opinion, all schools should show the videos of our athletes winning their respective sports and this is what we should expect as minimum from every single person.. What do you think??