Liza’s time at number 35

At number 35 we pride ourselves on our relaxed, friendly attitude and our efficiency with interns. Unlike big brands, we never give an intern a boring, useless day. There’s always something to do, something to learn and best of all – every day its something new!

Liza (our latest intern) sums up her experience at number 35:

After a lecture by Andrea Cohen on Negotiation in the Fashion Business at Marangoni Fashion college and having done my online research, I felt I knew what to expect at number 35, which is why the good quality and service offered by the brand didn’t come as a surprise. During my 6 week internship I saw how a small business works and learnt the importance of detailed communication within a small company. I’ve also learned how useful number 35’s alteration and made to measure service can be and the difference it makes for clients.

I have also been taught to identify the different buying types that number 35 sells to and have tried my best to communicate with each of them on a level that suits each individual client.

The unique service that number 35 offers has even led me to think that some clients do not only come for the high quality clothing, but sometimes for the one of a kind service that they offer.

The brand manages to establish a close, long term relationship with most women who purchase the clothing, which leads to a much friendlier atmosphere and a more enjoyable shopping experience.

While working on the CRM system, I realized that knowing every client personally is a key feature in the successful brand/customer relationships that number 35 has built and is continuing to build.

I have picked up some extra skills which include:

Timing and organization skills during a work day

Managing sales and clothing

Store/window merchandising

Dealing with manufacturers

Communication with clients

CRM and customers profiles

Wise approach to business, strong attitude

Profit/Margin and price set

Customer buying types

Showcasing clothes through photography


Thank you for these lessons, I wish lots of success and growth to number 35!