Customer Service at its Best

Who would have thought that I would have come from running a rather large business to designing my own clothes label.. Pretty strange diverse career path.. Little did I know, that not only would I be designing my own clothing range, but I would also take on the role of a universal councillor and a 24hour styling advisor.

Don’t get me wrong, this is the part of my business that I actually love. At number 35 we create the perfect environment to make women come alive and feel special about who they are and what they want to achieve in their lives and the clothes and the special attention they get, add to the number 35 experience.

The main difference with what we do at number 35, is that we really do care.. Our clients are part of our business and it’s important to create bonds and mutual admiration and respect in order for both parties to get something out of the experience.

It’s quite a common occurrence for me to get phone calls at 8am or 8pm asking what a client should wear for a important meeting or a special occasion. It’s also been known that I will sit with clients advising them on either business issues or personal matters that are troubling them. My friend who helped me learn meditation techniques has seen several clients who have had some great results.

For me this is what I want my business to be about. It sounds so corny to say that I want our clients to feel empowered by the number 35 experience – but actually that’s why I design the clothes I design and we take our service level to a new dimension.

For our clients we are a secret that they only share with their closest friends and the best part is that their closet friend in time become our friends. For me there is nothing better than seeing a client glow when they recall an experience of how they looked and felt wearing number 35 and for them receiving great compliments is an even bigger compliment to us!