Design Influences

Design Influences – A passion for architecture ranging from the Bauhaus movement to Modern, has led our designer, Andrea Cecile Cohen, to develop a love of clean lines, strong structures and a respect for design integrity.

She also has an active interest in furniture design, especially the work of Charles Eames and Mies van der Rohe, which taught her that through innovation and good craftsmanship everyday items can become classic and timeless.

These influences are reflected in each number 35 collection: the clothes are minimalist with fluid shapes and strong lines, which are combined to create structured feminine designs, made from beautiful, luxurious, unique fabrics.

Strong use of colour and quirky twists are the features that come from Andrea’s interest in Surrealist artists such as Man Ray and Salvador Dali, as well as designers such as Elsa Sciaparelli. In our clothes these manifest through details such as the signature bright orange lining or the bold sleeves on jackets.

Andrea’s love of innovative fabrics means that she often uses the fabrics as a starting point and as inspiration for the shape and structure of her designs. To Andrea, clothes should be simple, elegant yet functional – just like the things that inspire her.