The Intelligent Wardrobe

When we commenced our re-branding project in 2012, we wanted to find a strap line that was strong, quick to understand but also had depth and meaning, just like number 35’s clothes, so we thought of The Intelligent Wardrobe ™.

The point of The Intelligent Wardrobe™ is to recognise the importance and benefit of building a wardrobe of strong, individual pieces that work together seamlessly and that can be added to. It’s a philosophy that ensures that every piece of clothing we own, actually works well for us – a great fit, a simple design and elegant tailoring.

All number 35 clothes are made from luxurious, innovative, and comfortable fabrics, with strong use of colour and timeless design. We often use menswear fabrics as these are woven to withstand considerably more wear and tear for maximum durability. As an illustration of this, some of our clients are still wearing pieces that they purchased in our first season Autumn/Winter 2005, which they wear with items from later collections, a perfect example of an Intelligent Wardrobe™.

Our collection is divided into three – Business Basics, Fashion and the Andrea Cecile collection. Pieces from all of these can be combined to build an Intelligent Wardrobe™.

Working with clients we help them create what works for their lifestyle. For our professional clients, we believe the perfect start for their Intelligent Wardrobe is a sexy pencil skirt, a versatile structured jacket, a well-fitted pair of trousers, a split neck top and a shift dress. These investment pieces will carry them through their working week.



The Intelligent Wardrobe™ is transient and changes according to the season, but as a basic it should consist of:

  1. A beautifully fitted pencil skirt
  2. 1 or 2 well tailored pair of trousers
  3. A chic leather jacket
  4. A well cut work jacket
  5. A classic shift dress
  6. A fashion dress
  7. A great wrap shirt
  8. A fitted top with a quirky detail