I never dreamt of success I worked for it

A very famous quote from Estee Lauder that got me thinking.. Surely one should visualise success, feel it and keep it within reach to make it real. Surely working isn’t enough to become successful? Anyone can work really really hard and it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will become successful. So what creates or how do we create the difference between becoming successful and just doing well.

This has always been one question that I NEEDED to know the answer to. I suppose that’s been my quest for the last 5 years – I would like to understand and know if I have the right drivers to make the business what I think it can become.

At the beginning of the year we started working with Carol Roth who is an ex investment banker who has now become a New York Times best selling Author. Carol is asked to frequently comment on Politics and Business for CNN and Fox Business.Carol wrote a book called The Entrepreneur Equation. A quite simple but very clever book. It illustrates how most professions normally equate to many years of education prior to working: lawyers at least 5-6 years, doctors 6 years min etc etc, but being an Entrepreneur -NONE. We all think that we have the qualifications, talent and knowledge to make a business work, but do we? 90% of businesses fail within the first year, so we obviously are not well equipped to become Entrepreneurs.

So back to the question.. do I have the talent, knowledge and qualifications to make my business a success? Well I suppose the answer to that is : who know?!  I have some talent, I have the experience and I have some useful knowledge which has got me 6 years down the line.. There is a very famous book by Napoleon Hill called Think and Grow Rich which helps you reach the mental state required to succeed. His parting gift in the book is a series of questions which will guide you to understanding yourself and whether you are ready for your journey. So I have just bought the book and am avidly looking forward to reading it, and I will let you know the answer shortly.. am I ready for success…?