Testimonial 5

I have always felt special in number 35 clothes, but did not fully appreciate how beautiful, well cut and fitted clothes can empower you until last December, when I had a difficult meeting to attend in the City. I awoke with dreaded anticipation and started to dress. When I had finally decided on my outfit, I realized I had picked number 35 from head to toe. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt that I had grown a foot taller. I looked gorgeous, felt super confident and strode out feeling that I could take on anyone or anything, I did that day. number 35 did that for me! number 35 makes you feel special and individual. The staff seem to intuitively know what will suit you and are not afraid to tell you if something is not for you. They advise you how to wear the garment and how to accessorize it. Needless to say, my wardrobe is bulging with number 35 clothes and I can’t wait until the next collection comes out.