Testimonial 6

number 35 has definitely changed the way I think about myself and my relationship with clothes. I have never felt great about my body and this reflected in the how I felt about the clothes I wore. Being introduced to Andrea and her collection at number 35 has changed that. At first, I was a little intimidated as I felt the clothes were ‘not for me’. How wrong could I have been? The first piece I bought was for a party I was going to that evening. It was a black linen wrap shirt when I put it on I felt fantastic. The next piece I bought will definitely be in my wardrobe for ever! I absolutely love it! It’s my black patent leather biker jacket. After that I was hooked! number 35 makes me feel very special, elegant and soignée. The clothes fit perfectly, and if Andrea is not entirely happy with the way something looks when you try it on, she will either alter it to fit, or make a new one. I cannot believe how much confidence I have gained by wearing her clothes. I receive so many compliments when wearing an outfit from number 35 – in fact I have never worn something from number 35 without receiving compliments. It has also changed the way in which I look at clothes when out shopping, and I am far more discerning than I used to be. I now realize how clothes should make you feel, and I now find it hard to shop anywhere else. At a party before Christmas and I was dressed head to toe in number 35. The effect was fantastic and I felt the proverbial million dollars. I would recommend anyone to pay a visit to number 35.