Fashion in the 21st century

I read an interesting tweet yesterday from Journalist Maggie Alderson. The tweet read ‘Dear British Vogue, I love fashion, but I really don’t give a —— about Kristen Stewart’s ponytail, thank you.’

That led to me questioning what makes these magazines think that we are remotely interested in discovering the ‘master of all secrets’ that will allow us to have similar hair to the celebrities on the red carpet within seconds (dream on!). The answer most likely is : nothing really..

In my opinion, the lines between what is considered ‘fashion’ and what is not have become so blurred that not even Anna Wintour can describe the original meaning of the word.

We always thought that fashion was about leadership, individuality and creativity. Wasn’t that everyone’s idea at the beginning? Wasn’t that what Vogue USED to be about? Isn’t that what Coco Chanel believed in?

It was. Unfortunately, ‘passee’. These days fashion is mostly about dressing to impress, spending money and getting the ‘latest’ bag/shoes/dress/scarf. Isn’t that a little bit sad? We’ve slowly come to the realization that even major fashion houses and the best fashion magazines have let themselves get influenced by the power of fame, advertising and money. And don’t even get me started on the effect that marketing, body image and brands have had on the majority of today’s consumers.

If it were up to me, I would teach young girls that you earn respect by dressing with a sense of personal style, a pinch of creativity and lots of confidence. Not by spending thousands on the newest designer bag and flaunting infront of your friends.

Unfortunately I can’t change the world (yet!) but all I can say is that I am thankful for our number 35’s clients : all strong, independent women who love elegance and style and dont give a damn about ANY celebrity’s ponytail!