What The Eyes Don’t See..

When clients walk into our showrooms they rarely realise how much effort and work is required to make the clothing they see, touch and try on and buy!

Unless you’ve been through it all, there’s no way of knowing the technicalities behind manufacturing. But as it turns out, those small details are the most important aspects in producing beautiful, well fitted clothing.

For a small business, finding good manufacturers is tough. Most have minimum production quantities which are way over the amount of clothing a small business could ever sell and some are badly situated – ie. in the middle of nowhere!

So, how does a small brand like ours select the right manufacturers? Firstly – the quality. We never compromise on quality and our dresses have to reflect that. Only after seeing who the manufacturers work for and what they have previously made can we decide to try them out. Secondly- they have to be NICE! It sounds rather obvious, but how depressing is it to collaborate with someone you hate!? And most importantly- they have to be organised. Unfortunately, fashion is all about deadlines and if you can’t meet them- well, maybe you should DJ instead!

Most of the time manufacturers each have a ‘strong point’, so one will do our jackets and skirts while another will focus on dresses and special orders. Yes, it CAN get confusing at times and yes, there ARE days when we get in the car at 10am and spend a good six hours driving from one manufacturer to the other with the poor back seat practically hyperventilating under the load of fabrics, dresses, patterns and samples.

But you know what? When we see a client trying on a dress and raving about its perfect shape, fit and finish we know that it’s all been worth it!