When does a dress become a dress?

You’re wondering what the title of this blog means aren’t you? Well, despite sounding like a sensless tongue twister , it actually has a point – I promise!

There are many ways to buy a dress!

Scenario A: You walk into a boutique, see THE piece that was on the cover of Vogue, try it on and head over to the counter. The immaculately groomed salesman folds the dress into a perfect silk square and points to the screen, where the zeroes of the price tag seem to blur into the vivid mental image of all your jealous friends giving you the famous ‘I wish I had that dress’ look. Surely, any money is worth that popularity, right?!

Scenario B: The winter is approaching and you realise you don’t have a versatile dress for the season. So you head down to that boutique you love and find something that fits, that flatters you, that brings out your style and personality and that you can wear from morning to evening just by changing a few accessories.

As a small fashion company who design for elegant, successful, professional women we obviously prefer scenario B! We believe that a dress should bring out the best in you, empower you and make you look and feel fabulous. You shouldn’t care who else has it or what magazine it was in, because the shopping experience is all about YOU. The dress you select has to be designed well- so it flatters your body shape, it has to be versatile (if you can create at least 3 different outfits with it you’ve got yourself a keeper!) the fabric has to be one that will last longer than a few seasons and most importantly- the dress has to be TIMELESS.

To us, all those qualities have to be present for a dress to become a dress. And the way its worn also counts for a lot. If a dress is worn with grace, confidence and style it has much more impact that anything that could have possibly been on a runway or a magazine cover.

Our clients understand that and it’s partly why we love dressing them so much. 10 customers might buy the same dress but it will look like a whole new outfit on each one of them – because they embrace their individuality and make the dress look like an extension of themselves rather than attempting to be someone they’re not.

Your dress being ‘timeless’ is quite important too. It should still be current for years and years to come and if your daughter tries to steal it from your wardrobe a decade later- you know you’ve made a great purchase!