And the Choice is… Laughter

Yesterday was a pretty amazing day..not sure if it was in a good or bad way. Most people would have drowned in self-pity by 5pm, at number 35 we seemed to adopt a rather comical approach to it all. By 10:15 am Andrea’s phone had been stolen by some little sad man who walked into the showroom pretending to ask us for advice on debt collection and managed to walk away with her blackberry. By 11am my phone had no service with the rest of the UK’s 02 customers, which led to our landline being overused for the first time in years and you guessed -by 4pm it had practically died… a tiny bit of service left for one or two calls.

In the meantime a sample that was urgent for Monday hadn’t even been started and a second manufacturer had gone on the missing list. Andrea was on an important skype call to NY and I was trying to help a customer with a special order, chase up 50m of lining that should have been delivered and try to find our missing manufacturer. Most people would have been so frustrated but we just laughed. After all, it WAS quite funny!

We giggled about Andrea’s decrepit old and broken blackberry that now belonged to the thief – he was going to try sell for £20 on the black market but when the new owner got it home they would realise the battery only lasted 3hrs and would have returned it demanding his money back. Karma I think its called.

Once we had dealt with the phone drama, Andrea announced that we had 24hr to complete the stock count. Unfortunately between Niv and I we had managed to work on her original copy which meant we had to re-enter the complete stock count for 2 shops with costings, quantities etc. Oh deaaaar!

Anyone ready to scream yet?? It really IS a long, tedious and monotonous job- best done on days when…. well, no day deserves the misery of the stock count. So instead of feeling sorry for ourselves we got down to business and finished the job, whilst still joking about the miserable thief, who by now must have realized that he’d nicked a dodgy phone and there was absolutely nothing remotely interesting in the image gallery.

After a few long hours of pouring over figures, style numbers and equations we decided to chase up the lining company…it should have been delivered by now! ‘Yes yes’ we were told ‘the delivery van is on it’s way it will get to you by 5pm.’ Ok, seems believable. 4pm… 4:30.. 4:45pm… still nothing. ‘Yes yes it should be with you by 5:30.’ 5:15….5:30….6:30….no sign of the courier. Ok so now we have another problem. The lining was supposed to be sent to a manufacturer by Saturday morning latest and I somehow think that’s highly impossible. Scream in frustration or accept and laugh!

We think everyone should go with the ‘smiling and accepting’ method. It makes life much easier, it keeps those wrinkles at bay and gives the opportunity to be the bigger person whatever the situation may be. Oh, and finally you’ll love your job even more, cause you will always be amused like we are – we promise!