Makeup Day all the way!

Breaking news: We are still alive!!!

After 2 weeks of painful silence (you’d be surprised how much work it takes to run a small growing business!) we are finally back on our blog. This week we would like to share our Makeup Day with you. We¬†organize¬†one every year the 2012 edition took place 6 days ago. What happens is: Our brilliant makeup artist Jo comes in (she did all the makeup/hair for the branding images, in case you were wondering!) and clients book a 45 min appointment with her to get a makeover. Once they’re feeling gorgeous and glamorous we sit down and have a cup of tea with them and chat a little bit – all whilst introducing the new collection (on which they get a discount obviously!)

Our loyal clients walk out happy (who wouldn’t after getting a free makeover and a fabulous brand new discounted dress?!) and we end the day with a smile on our faces too. After all, giving back is just as important as taking. We believe that in order to establish a long term and durable relationship with your customers you sometimes have to swallow your business ego (let’s face it: most boutiques would put a price on a 45 minute long makeover) and just start giving without expecting anything in return. Karma will do its job and those loyal clients will end up coming back for more- because they now know you’re human and not just a machine looking to rob them of every last penny. So, if you’re a small business owner remember to nurture your audience, be innovative and creative and most importantly- do it all with a smile!