Organizing, planning and a little bit of madness!


When you’re working in such a small team on a schedule as tight as ours, planning is crucial. For number 35, organisation is everything. Without it we’d never get any collections out, we wouldn’t be able to produce our client’s orders and our rebranding process would be at a standstill.

Our latest organisational madness was for our upcoming photo shoot on Monday 5th. You’d think that planning a simple product shoot was easy. Well, it’s far from it! You have to find a good (fairly central) stu

dio that doesn’t charge fortunes, make a list of the items and outfits you want to photograph, double check your stock for every piece, find a suitable photographer and most importantly- a perfect model. The last bit is probably the most crucial, because if the clothes don’t fit perfectly on your model, you’ll spend the entire shoot by her side holding clips, pins and steamers!

Once you’ve selected your team for the day, you can now proceed to finalizing your outfit choices and deciding what details to photograph on each piece. How are the photos going to look on your website? What background will you use? Will you photograph accessories with your looks? These are all things that we had to think about in the past few weeks, and since we are photographing over 25 pieces, it has not been easy. Pieces travel from one showroom to the other every week for us, so a few days before the shoot we must make sure that all 30 items are in the same places, all labelled, wrapped and ready to go!

To be as efficient as we have been in the past few weeks, teamwork is extremely important. And when we say teamwork we mean almost reading eachother’s minds! Being the small family that we are, we like to think that’s exactly what we do!

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