The ever changing job role

As you all know, last week we had our product photoshoot for our new website. It went very well and we got some great shots, which was a relief for me as I had nothing to do with the organisation. Kristina organised the shoot from A to Z and I had no idea what to expect until the very day.  I’m not going to lie: it wasn’t easy for me to let go. After all, I AM a real control freak and don’t really like to delegate responsibilities to staff without my watchful eye following their every single move.

But being a small business, growth and new opportunities come quickly and unexpectedly and as a result, job roles change.  This year we’ve had so many positive changes within our company that it would be practically impossible for one of us to constantly do stock, one of us to only design and the other two to only sell…. nothing would ever get done! A few months ago, when our first wholesale order came along, I had to delegate the responsibility of dealing with its details to one of my brilliant staff… not because I’m lazy or incapable, but on the contrary- because I simply have too much to do already!

First of all, there’s the new website, which is surprisingly technical and difficult to get right. Also, expansion to the US is looking like a very big possibility, which is why I spend most Saturday afternoons (well…most weekday afternoons too!) glued to my Skype screen with our US colleague on the other end. Let’s not forget about a new collection that has to be designed every few months, new manufacturers that need quality checks and of course developing The Body Forum plan.

A few years ago, I had to pay attention to every detail of every minuscule development that would go on in the business. It was a great way to stay in control and keep myself organised, after all there was only me.  Now small details such as getting the trimmings ready, ordering fabrics and merchandising have to be looked after by my staff. And let me tell you – they do it very well indeed! How do I know? Because I rarely question my decision of adding new responsibilities to their ever changing job roles. After all, a great business always works as a team and I know that while the girls take on more roles every month to make way for me to change the company’s future, none of it would have happened if it weren’t for their enthusiasm, tenacity and our brilliant ability to work together as one small family.