Our online adventures

When I was growing up we didn’t have such incredible technology like the internet, or the social media sites like Twitter or Pinterest. All we had was our mouths and that made us┬ásociable or un-sociable in some cases. Now we all show off citing what we purchased last night on the internet, and we boast quite openly about how we found this great site that our friends haven’t yet clocked onto.

We find it much easier to sit comfortably on our living room sofas and click away through the endless options of shoes, bags, dresses and coats on our favourite dot.com retail site, but what does this really mean for people like us, the old fashion retailer…?

It means our sales people and visual merchandisers can take a break whilst our much-needed techy guys race to get an online shop up and running in 2months flat from start to finish. It means we must reach out further to our potential customers and aim higher for the existing ones, because the competition online is fierce.

It also suggests that companies like ours have to come up with entirely new strategies on how to get through to the right consumers online. We have to learn very quickly how to present our clothes and make them look as appealing as they are on those long legged mannequins in the shop window.

Most importantly- what does all this mean for number 35? For us, the most crucial thing apart from the quality of our clothes is the whole shopping experience. With the new online store coming up, our job is to make it reflect the positive experience we offer our clients. We don’t want to overcrowd our shopping page with too much choice and numerous ‘buy this with this and you’ll look like Kate Moss’ scenarios, because we all know that doesn’t really work..

Instead- we only sell our key 25 pieces, but offer additional services unique to our brand. For example, if your size is out of stock we will make it for you within 21 working days, if you need an alteration on a piece you already bought from us we can take care of that or if you simply have a question there’s no need to fill out one of those annoying forms, just email us and we’ll reply within 8 hours! Unique shopping experience you say? We think so too!