It’s a Customer’s World

When you have a small fashion business your clients are everything. They are what keep you going, they serve as a major source of inspiration and they are the main decision makers in terms of what sells and what doesn’t.

If something DOESN’T sell it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s badly designed or out of fashion. Sometimes, it simply means that you haven’t given your customers the attention they deserve.

We consider ourselves lucky because, unlike big department stores or high street brands, our clients are unique women with a classy sense of style. They all have a story to tell and give all great advice when it comes to career, work and success.

However, no matter how powerful the client is in her field or how outstanding her fashion sense is, there is no chance of forming a bond if we are unable to identify her needs, desires and wardrobe dilemmas. The first thing we teach interns is how to approach different customers. After all, first impressions are the most important. ┬áIt’s crucial that we don’t overcrowd the customers who just want some ‘alone time’ to browse or neglect those who are prepared to make a hundred orders that day (ok, maybe not a hundred…but close!!)

Our customers are all people in the end, and just like the rest of us – some are shy, some are spontaneous, some are indecisive, some are thinkers and others are doers. And whichever category the client falls under – the most important aspect of our relationship with them is understanding and trust. The great thing about having such close customer relations is that their most important decisions sometimes fall into our hands, and I like to think we always create a good outcome! Our team always know the answer to: Which dress to get? What jacket to wear with that blouse? Which fabric would look better with my complexion? and so on and so forth

The answer will always be different and the decision will vary from client to client, but what’s the fun in running a showroom if you can’t help your clients become individuals ?!