It’s the Christmas (shopping) Spirit!

I can’t believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away. Has it really been a year? A year since we decorated our showroom windows with mistletoe and Rudolphs? A year since our much needed cashmere made an appearance on the showroom rails again? A year since our annual guest came running through the door on the 24th afternoon in search of a perfect gift for his wife?

Of course, those are the shopping habits of some. We are all different in the end, so whilst some individuals are frantically running around every known department store and boutique on Christmas Eve, others tend to casually pop by in mid July asking to see our ‘Festive’ range. I like to think we are good at planning ahead, but let’s be realistic – not many people plan THAT far ahead! Fortunately our jobs never get boring as we cater for both extremes. If a client needs advice on how to accessorize her Christmas dress in July, we’re happy to help and reassure her that in six months time we WILL have the perfect scarf for her. And the much too familiar man who buys his gifts best under pressure? Well, let’s just say we anticipate his annual arrival and keep a few options aside for him. After all, it’s not very common for a womenswear boutique to have a regular MALE client, right?

And let’s not forget the importance of accessories at this time of year. What better gift (or treat for yourself!) than a warm fur scarf or a classy leather card holder? What better way to stand out than a beautiful clutch bag or a unique piece of jewelry? These are all things we have to consider when the holiday season approaches and we learn from our clients in the process- because sometimes its good to be a little more organised and think ahead while other times you just have to follow your heart and make decisions at the very last minute!