Ask and Receive

If you read our blogs, you’ll know that we write about various topics- ranging from fashion business to our clothing to job roles to trends in the UK. However, we have never blogged about why all these good things are suddenly starting to snowball for us. Yes, we work hard. Very hard – and that is the main reason. However, it would be selfish and innapropriate to say that other people aren’t involved in helping us reach our goals. Of course they are!

Recently our good friend Carol Roth posted an article on how to ask for help- correctly. That got me thinking – does everyone ask for favoursĀ at some point? Why do we agree to help one individual but not another? And most importantly- how far do the ‘self sufficient’ businesses get…meaning those that never choose to ask for assistance?

According to Carol, if you ask for a favour you must be prepared to offer something of equal value in return. True. After all, most of us are egoists and would not take time and effort to complete a task that doesn’t win us any points. But some of us just tend to focus on the future rather than on the present and agree to help with no immediate benefit… because our gut instict tells us that this person might just be the perfect friend to turn to during bad times in the future.

At number 35 we believe in karma. All the good deeds you do for others and all the positive energy you give off will eventually come back to you in the form of something very special. We try to help those who work hard and those who have believed in us as well. I guess that’s the difference between the person whose favour you will grant and the letter that will sit in the back of your file for months to come.

We are not afraid to ask either, because if our friends have a similar outlook to ours, they will go that extra mile to help us out. And that ‘help’ can be anything – from bringing us new clients to spreading the word about number 35 to wearing our dresses on television to giving us the right contacts to move forward on a larger scale.

There is nothing wrong with asking, as long as you know who to ask and find the appropriate time for it! On the contrary, those who never ask will never get very far because it always takes more than one person to form a mighty, powerful army!