The Big Questions

I was asked this week to answer some questions about running a small creative business, questions included ‘What is your attitude to risk? What motivated you to start your own business? What mistakes did you make? and ‘what would you do differently?’ All very interesting questions.

Some questions really made me think! What was my attitude to risk? Well I obviously didn’t have an adverse reaction to it, otherwise I wouldn’t have started my own business, especially not a creative business of which I had no experience whatsoever. I remember not even thinking about the risk that I was taking. I remember having a massive argument with my family, who tried their hardest to dissuade me from doing it. I didn’t even think twice, I just went ahead and did it, knowing that it was the right thing to do.. call it gut instinct.

What mistakes did I make? ¬†Mmmm I thought long and hard about that question. Happily enough I didn’t feel that the mistakes I had made were major ones that I regretted. I had made a decision a long time ago, that I was never going to have any regrets about the choices I had made. Thankfully I think the major mistakes I had made had been some designs that frankly I thought were shocking..I have a ridiculously positive attitude that makes me think that mistakes and¬†failures in one area leads to a success in another. I believe my biggest lessons have come from my biggest failures.

Finally what would I do differently? I think the one thing I would do differently is to fight my fears and just do it.. that is now my attitude to everything in life. Fear is the biggest motivator for us not doing the things we want to do.. Do I want to sit on my death bed and think of things I didn’t do cause I was too scared.. absolutely not, I want to sit on my death bed and think I did the best I could and I enjoyed every minute..