Thank you, number 35

Well I would actually say it’s been a shocking 2 weeks. It all started when I had to go into hospital for an operation. Me being me, I decided that I would be out the next day and I would be back to work within 10 days. Well I am the bionic woman and therefore would heal super fast. It wasn’t really until I got into hospital and the anaesthetist  sat down with a wry smile on her face and announced “you will be in severe pain, oh and most people don’t have these two procedures at the same time”. She then followed up with, “I am the woman that will keep you alive” Blinding.. if I wasn’t nervous before I went in, I was then.. The operation was fine and actually I wasn’t in severe pain, yes I was in pain but severe was a bit of an exaggeration.

I went home 2 days later to rest. Me? Rest?! Surely not.. Two days later I was driven up to Leeds to see my dad who was very ill. Things didn’t get better.. Throughout these crazy two weeks not once did I worry about my business. Not once did I go into panic and think ‘how will they cope without me?’. Not once did I feel out of control. I trusted our number 35 team completely. They knew what they needed to do. Each person had their responsibilities. Niv sorted out the collections and what pieces were planned to come in, she sorted out the grading, alterations and manufacturing. Nic sorted out my diary the bills and other essential elements and Kristina planned our photoshoot for next week, the clothes and the sales..

For me it’s important that we work as a team and are able to cover any eventualities and for my team to step up to the mark when the going gets tough is what I strive for. Who wants a boss that is such a control freak that they can’t let go and who wants a boss that feels that they are the only one capable of getting things done..?

It just meant I could try and look after me for a change, refresh and get ready to start all over again on Tuesday. Thank you number 35..