The undramatic photo shoot

And yet another number 35 photo shoot has been successfully completed! How great does it feel to say that? VERY!

I’ll be honest: would have loved to blog about an adventurous photo shoot where the model would eat nothing but lettuce and a photogrpher who sighed dramatically every tme his flash wouldn’t go off… Yes, I dream about depicting funny scenarios from number 35 shoots that involve me frantically running around the studio in frustration as Kristina casually mentions half of our pieces were forgotten/stolen/lost on the way or describing an overly dramatic Italian stylist who talked with too many hand gestures and drank too many coffees in the process..

However, our shoot went well and as a result, I have no exciting drama to report…(other than our clothes looking spectacular on our beautiful model and our phoptographer doing an amazing job… again!)

So for now: Stay tuned, keep checking our blog for news and in a few weeks… shop til you drop on our website… the SS 13 collection is worth it, we promise!