An Evening of Self Discovery

Earlier this week number 35 teamed up with Fighting Fifty founder Traecy McAlpine and style psychologist Kate Nightingale for an  evening of self discovery – helping women understand their own style and giving tips on becoming more confident in how they dress.

The evening started with champagne, snacks, and networking. Then seamlessly moved on to the talks, which illustrated the power of dressing with confidence, and understanding the power of your clothes and how they make a difference to the outcome of your meeting, day or evening.

I decided to bear my soul with my ‘New York Jacket’ story – I told the audience how I arrived in New York last December for some very important meetings, one with Dan Lawson the costume designer of The Good Wife. Little did Dan know that I had had a very bad hair month, with my hairdresser having an even worse one and cutting my hair too short, so I had a bubble head… don’t ask! To top it all, I hadn’t slept in 4 weeks, waking up every hour every night and then when I got on the plane I developed a sore throat. Arriving in NY my first meeting was with Dan and his agent Linda. OMG was  I in bad shape! BUT.. out came my favourite number 35 jacket. A black aligator Mugler inspired jacket, I put that on with a pair of straight cut number 35 trousers and strangely enough everything changed. My clothes gave me the strength and empowerment I needed to do my job. Gone was the bad hair day ( it was still bad believe me), but the focus had gone from my hair, my black eyes and my sore throat. I just got into strong Andrea mode.. and did my job. Dan and I got on like a house on fire and he loved all our number 35 clothes and the number 35 ethos.

Telling that story was important, I needed to let everyone know that no matter what we do, or how we look we all have those awful days of feeling shocking, but having the right clothes can change everything. In a way the clothes take over and do the job for you. Getting back to the evening..I believe that networking events should be fun, useful in terms of education and also connecting us with like minded people.  If our guests walked away with knowledge, some tips and a lot of re-assurance then we have done our job.

Thankfully, judging by the reviews and some lovely emails that followed, we can safely tick all those boxes.. Roll on the next one!!