The Power of Vulnerability

My favourite website of all time, after ours of course, has got to be Ted Talks. Sometimes in quiet times I can just sit and listen for hours. The speakers without fail inspire and move me.. Last week, was one of those such evenings. After everything imagineable breaking around me, including my Sky, I decided to listen to Ted Talks.

I found Brene Brown and her  talk: The Power of Vulnerability. I was quite intrigued as to what she meant, but boy when she’d finished I understood fully. Vulnerability to most of us, is one massive negative. Something that we would choose to step away from, and actually had I not listened to Brene speak I wouldn’t have put myself down as a vulnerable person. After she had finished, I realized I actually was, and in fact it was something that I am now quite proud of.

Vulnerability is about feeling, understanding and accepting oneself and if we cannot accept ourselves as we are, then how can we accept each other? Now let’s move forward and link it to number 35, if I hadn’t been vulnerable and suffered at the hands of life, not terribly I might add, but more than most, I could  or would not accept and offer my clients empathy, respect and time. I know that my ego would have been massive and being very frank, very ugly indeed as most egos are.

So next time you are feeling vulnerable please remember sometime further down your path, that vulnerability will hold and support you and let you know you’re in a better place than you could have been. You see there’s always a silver lining to every situation.. sometimes all you have to do is look.