Enthusiasm for the Newest

At number 35 half of our joy and enthusiasm comes from effective teamwork… and what better way to celebrate than to introduce a new proactive intern to make all that teamwork even more…’teamy’ !

Lovely Jenny joined us a few weeks ago and I have to say- her enthusiasm has proven to be quite infectious. Everything from an invisible zip to an old forgotten piece of fabric gets her smiling and nodding enthusiastically. A trip to the manufacturer’s is described in a very positive light.

For Kristina and I, a trip to the manufacturer means me normally screaming ¬†at every passing car, always getting stuck in traffic (a punishment for my earlier swearing, I assume) and arriving there only to discover something is missing/forgotten/incomplete… you get the picture. Our highlight of the day is a sandwich from Tesco on the way back (it’s never just ‘a sandwich’ by the way.. Kristina normally stocks up on crisps, donuts and chocolate to eat in the car. What’s the fun you ask? Oh boy, don’t get me started!)

So while I try my best not to look like death itself whilst waiting for the manufacturer to go through every word on every piece of paper, Jenny is mesmerized by all the sewing machines, rolls of fabric and the talented people producing garments by the minute. To be fair- it is quite impressive when you think about it, but somehow Kristina and I have quickly gotten past our fascination and now just look forward to going back to the showroom.

But to be very honest- we secretly admire Jenny’s enthusiasm and willingness to learn every step of the way. After all, isn’t that what it’s all about?