Playing With Colour

For someone who lives in Black, yes I do.. its quite interesting that I use so much colour when I design our collections. Those 2 days of colour at Jacob Kramer College  of Art were not wasted. I spent 2 whole days per week for 1 year understanding what colour was all about. Primary, secondary.. I knew every single oil painting colour that existed, how sad!!

So now when I see styles I see colour as well. Take for example our leather jackets.. for me leather has to be black or some whacky colour.. beige or cream are not colours that I would ever think about: too dull and boring.

Colour is a funny thing, especially in fashion.. there are colours that people choose to wear and some colours that people will avoid like the plague.. SO WHY DID I CHOOSE BRIGHT MUSTARD YELLOW to make a leather jacket ?? To be totally honest, I don’t really know. Just saw it in my mind’s eye and thought that may look cool and hey presto- it was made and it did!

So what did our clients think about it? Well thankfully, we have a core group of clients that are just like me and love to experiment with shape and colour and I knew they would be the ones that thought: ‘wow she’s gone mad, but I love it.’

So next time you pass our  number 35 window and see a wacky dress colour or extremely bright leather jacket, remember there are some methods in my madness. Come in take a look and you never know, you might just walk out wearing it…