The Big Apple welcomes number35

Looks like another trip to New York is on the cards!

After a successful start to a collaboration with Daniel Lawson, Costume Designer of The Good Wife, opportunities just seem to be snowballing- and we’re certainly not complaining! After all, that’s exactly what we’ve been working so hard for!?

As a small company, it feels amazing to finally be associated with names like Dan’s and leading shows like The Good Wife, as well as Business Pundit Carol Roth. For us getting real recognition by industry professionals and most importantly by our clients …. means years of self belief and stubborn decisions to keep going, do pay off!!

We have no idea what’s happening for number 35 next, but at this point we’re all very excited and  ready to sit back and watch it happen… whatever ‘it’ may be!

For now, tune in to More4 on Thursday at 9pm to see Juliana from The Good Wife wearing a stunning number 35 peplum suit!