Chinese Whispers

We received an online order from a new client in New York. The fascinating thing about this order, was that this new customer had no idea who we were until she came across our site on We were mentioned by Dan Lawson, costume designer of The Good Wife. She had never even seen or tried a single item of our clothing before making her purchase. I was so curious to find out more that I asked to meet her when I got to New York.

Our client is an HR Director and lived in London for a while before moving back to New York. I believe this made her more comfortable with shopping online from businesses in Europe. But surely there must be some criteria as to what new brands she buys from and which ones she chooses to stay clear of!!

I asked her what made her decide to investigate number 35.  “A good recommendation from a trusted source always helps,” she went on to say “The way Dan talked about our clothes made our client believe we were ‘ahead of some current designers’ (her words, not ours!) and worth spending money on.

So did the pieces live up to her expectations? Thankfully, they did! The fit was perfect and what she loved most was the customer service. A note to inform her of the status of her purchase, a personalized note and quick shipping DO make the biggest difference! Our client normally shops at Burberry, Donna Karan, Armani … and now number 35 !

Let’s hope that this is the first of many many great US customer reviews!