Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This morning a client from Ireland popped in to see us!  Whenever she can, she likes to come and see us to do her ‘number 35 shopping’…

It reminds me of my first ever client, who came in 7 years ago and still stays loyal to number 35… all the way from Dubai! Or one of my good friends and one of our best customers, Son, who recently moved to Australia, but not before stocking up on some serious number 35 supplies for her journey!

I have no idea what fashion has to offer in Dubai, Ireland or Australia, but judging by our clients’ loyalty, it not like number 35..

Every collection we design, we always keep our ‘long distance’ customers and their preferences in mind, and it’s so nice to see that they care and appreciate our efforts. After all, just because they’re far away doesn’t mean they’re less important!

When we design now, we think about so many different elements such as climates, cultures and lifestyle. Designing a versatile, good-for-every-continent-at-any-time-of-year collection isn’t as easy as you may think!  In fact, it’s quite hard at times.  But when we receive those emails and calls from all over the world we know we fulfilled our brief and our clients are happy which is all that matters..