Beautiful, Colorful Chaos

Yesterday was such an exciting day at our Highgate showroom.  No, we didn’t have the biggest sale in history and no we didn’t get the biggest bunch of flowers ever seen. Instead we got… fabrics!!!  Are you jumping up and down with excitement yet? We definitely were when we saw masses and masses of beautiful new samples coming out of the box from Italy. Yes, we might be a tad sad but when you do what we do, touching gorgeous fabrics is the equivalent of a dangerously exciting safari in Africa…. seriously.

We got so over-the-top-unnecessarily excited that we started matching all these poor lonely samples into ‘pairs’- some to go to NYC and some for us here… which all needed a home. A ‘home’,at that stage meant spreading them all over the showroom – on tables, chairs, laptops, you name it. It was fun in the process but when I took a moment to look around I almost started to hyperventilate. For a person who likes order and organisation this was definitely a beautiful, colorful CHAOS. Breathe Andrea, breathe….

Next step: I had to kindly and sweetly ask Kristina to reorganize all our fabric files to accommodate these new ‘couples’… maybe use a few dividers, maybe color coordinate and separate by brand and write up new labels for each folder… just the usual..

Needless to say, this process almost took the whole day but now our gorgeous samples are perfectly organised and every time we open a folder we will get that mad rush of adrenaline that only comes with matching the right fabric to the right design..and when you get it.. life is GOOD!