The Key to the Perfect Fit

At number 35 all our clients are different… different shape, different size, and different proportions. They vary from a size 6 to a size 16, and like us who design and work at number 35, we are all the norm. Something happens when ┬ánumber 35 clothes are put on.. 90% of the time they fit our client perfectly no matter what shape or size they are.

The most important element we look for when designing our new collections is proportion, this means everything. As designers, it’s hard not to know this small but ever-so-important detail as it dictates the appearance of every piece on ┬áthe floor. A beautiful dress on paper may be not-so-beautiful in real life if one measurement or proportion is slightly off.

Another fascinating aspect are the clients themselves… sometimes a size 16 customer will have better proportions than someone who fits into an 8.. and therefore will need less alterations. In fact, just this afternoon one of our good clients stopped by. She’s not tiny, but has a great waist and is proportioned so well that everything she tried just FIT. Kristina and I were amazed and we came to the conclusion that how your clothes fit has nothing to do with what size you are or how much you weigh.. it’s all about how your body comes together and obviously the more confident you feel about it, the better!