The Next Step

Nivindya who has been working with me at number 35 for over 4 years is hanging up her spurs at the end of the month. She wants to investigate a new world and new challenges which is always a good thing. I was always taught, by a nameless CEO, that when staff leave it’s important to welcome the change and not go into the worry of loss.

I truly believe this to be the way to be.. Welcoming change is the most constructive and effective way to be. We will all miss ┬áNiv but we welcome whoever comes to work with us next. I have been so incredibly lucky with the staff that I have and have had working at number 35. They are intelligent, fun and enthusiastic and follow my mad vision, which at times sounds as if I’m living on a parallel universe.. Thankfully I’m not and we are getting so close to my vision that it’s now becoming exciting and really really fun.

We wish Niv luck and happiness in her new life without number 35.. and we know that whoever works with us next.. will be the right person. Life is not meant to be hard and difficult, so I know when the time is right, we will find our next employee to help us on the next stage of our journey.