It’s Not a Goodbye Without Pizza

As you all know, Niv is leaving us…and before she goes, as tradition dictates, we organised a small leaving dinner for her. Well, to be frank it was going to be bigger, but everyone was away!

Fortunately we haven’t had many employees leaving us over the years (either we’re just THAT good or our threats of ‘no more free clothes’ really DO work!) , but a typical ‘leaving dinner’ at number 35 goes something like this:

We walk into the restaurant…

Wait, that doesn’t sound right. Come to think of it, ‘we’ never walk in because everyone gets there at different times, me being the last one since on that day there ALWAYS has to be a missing pattern/ a forgotten dress/ an urgent alteration or a confused manufacturer. The world really does love me.

Anyway, we sit down and before anyone knows it- I am forcing them into drinking.. and ordering a giant pizza without even looking at the menu. And if I haven’t done my workout that morning, I’ll convince someone else that they have  to have pizza…. so I can satisfy my addiction. (I’m surprised they don’t know better by now!).

When the departing person realizes my pizza manoeuvre, (if she’s been roped into ordering it)  we shower her with ‘leaving gifts’ (works every time). So she doesn’t feel that bad after all..

We limit work talk and instead discuss very important matters such as the The Kardashians, common Indian names and why some of the nicest people are rude to waiters. (Real Housewives was also a popular topic, if you must know)

By the time dessert comes, we are all too full to even look at the menu…except Kristina, who as usual selects the biggest fattiest thing she can spot…and while she practically drowns her face in the plate of whatever sugar-calorie-loaded dessert she ordered, we ask the leaving employee what she will miss most at number 35.

Answers range from teamwork, to designing the collections, to working so closely with fabrics, to interacting with clients…  funny how they don’t say ME.. but it all comes down to this:

We are a small tight family, and even if you choose to go, your heart will never be able to leave us completely…. in fact Niv did say: ‘You won’t forget me, whenever you have something to organize, right?’ .. NIV WHO???