Keep Going Whatever Happens..

When we are young and ambitious and we really believe that our success is guaranteed, no one bothers to tell us that actually it isn’t. It’s damn hard work and that really we should give up now because out of 100 people, one of us will be successful, 5 will be absolutely fine and earn a good living and the rest will just survive our life with very little in our coffers.

So what sets that one person apart from the rest. This is a question that I have spent the past 7 years trying to figure out. What sets me apart, why will I make it when other retailers and fashion designers have to give up their dreams with some devastating results. Surely we are all determined, tenacious, single minded and hopeful, aren’t we. Or maybe not…

I think it stems back to our past. How are parents were with us, where we came in the pecking order and how we were expected to perform. Small things come into my mind that gave me the strength of character to carry on when really I just wanted to quit.

The first thing that comes to mind is being a girl guide, yes I was.. Hated every minute. I announced to my mother at the age of 12 that I wanted to give up. Her rather indignant reply quite shocked me. “Over my dead body” that was my parents stock answer for there is absolutely no negotiation here.. She made me continue until my O level year and only then was I allowed to leave.

The second thing that really taught me not to give up was when I had my first job at Fortnum & Mason and I really felt I should have been Managing Director within 6 month,yeah right. Young stupid with a massive ego.. Anyway I announced that I had enough and I was going to leave. Again their stock reply came, this time from my dad. I was told in no uncertain terms that if I decided to leave, he would not give me a penny and I would have to claim benefits.. Wow that was a bit harsh, but you know what, these 2 small lessons, made me the person I am today.. carrying on till the end.. fighting, working, hoping and dreaming and knowing that I am not allowed to give up until I get to the end, and knowing that the end for me is SUCCESS!! Here’s to it!!