‘Lights, Camera…. WAIT! Pull the dress down!’

Our blog has been on the missing list over the last couple of weeks.. Bet you are all gutted..

The last few weeks have been exciting, hectic, stressful and rewarding all at the same time. Firstly we just got our new collection in… which we absolutely LOVE, but with every new collection come those dreaded tasks like pricing, label-making, re-merchandising. Then we just had a 2 day photo shoot… for which we needed to create moodboards, try and book our make up artist/ photographer and models, then sort out dates/ times/ locations. Oh, and did I mention we’re shooting THREE collections at once?

Our biggest difficulty has been finding the right model. She had to be a perfect size 10… so that pretty much rules out 99% of London models already (size -2? Er no) On top of that, our criteria calls for a certain LOOK. That elegant, sophisticated, but at the same time unique and memorable look… hard to find.. ¬†We soon realized all those features put together are so rare that we’re probably looking at 0.01% of London’s ‘model population’.

We had absolutely gorgeous girls coming in for fittings…but unfortunately¬†when they put the clothes on I sadly came to the realization that the size 10 on their agency profile actually meant a 23 inch waist and 34 inch hips… One stunning girl who was perfect for what we wanted, turned out to be a size 6… what!?.. AND she was shocked when I told her the booking was for a curvy size 10.

The other major flaw in our preparation was trying to design, sample and shoot our new joint venture, a collaboration with an incredible costume designer in NY, in a record time of 8 weeks.. Our poor manufactur was working so hard to make our first samples PERFECT: a pretty impossible task. So when we looked at the clothes on our now perfectly chosen model.. I wanted to cry..

But fear not! despite all the stress leading up to it, the shoot went really well and not only was the model stunning, but our new clothes actually looked GOOD (well, for the most part!)

Now we can stop take a breath and move onto the next incredibly exciting journey that we at number 35 find ourselves on.