And though we be but little…

As most of you know, number 35 is expanding to the USA.. and what a ride it has been! The journey is only beginning but there have already been some WOW moments, such as seeing a feature about us in InStyle and WomensWear Daily WWD (see them in our Press section!).
And as wonderful as it has been, I also find it hard to believe these articles are actually about us…US! I started 7 years ago with no idea of the direction or the goal, just knew that it had to be done!

‘Costume Designer Dan Lawson teams up with British Brand number 35’ … you’d think we were Max Mara or Hugo Boss! But we are not, we are a small business with big ideas, lots of energy and certainly lots of courage.

Just earlier this week, in the midst of running around like a headless chicken getting the alterations, collections and special orders up to date, I stopped and took a moment to think about how much we achieve as such a small business… and the conclusion is: A LOT. Even to me, it’s staggering and surpasses any efficiency I’ve come across in the bigger companies I have worked for. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but I always believed that the first step to becoming big is THINKING big… let’s hope I’m right!