Painful Packing

This year has been a whirlwind of activities from having our clothes featured on US television to designing a new collection with our fab collaborator Daniel Lawson.. as well as, of course, having to design our normal seasonal ranges.

The whirlwind continues with great gusto when I have to take a trip to New York at the end of this month. Don’t get me wrong it’s not painful for me, BUT it’s mega painful for my team. Especially Nicci and Kristina.

Nicci starts pestering me to try clothes on and plan my wardrobe from now.. For those who don’t know, I hate trying on clothes and I really hate having to plan anything… especially my clothes wearing schedule. Great qualities for a fashion designer I know. Nicci has on her desktop a massive agenda with my whole life featured on it for 2 weeks, and woe betide me if I dare to question her schedule or choices. We have an agenda for my alterations, my daily wardrobe, 35.DL sample list, as well as the marketing pieces that I dare not forget to take. Kristina’s role is slightly more surreal.. her role is to get me to bring her back as many MAC & CHEESE packets as I can stuff into my suitcase.. yeah right!!

Unfortunately I don’t help matters by resisting to try my clothes on.. I’ve had a stunning orange jacket on hold for 2 weeks and every time a client wants to see it, I sell it to her.. My grey flannel trousers have been hanging in the fitting room for 1 week, Kristina running in and out trying to save them from the orange jacket fate, with me, laughing saying “I promise, I’ll try them later”. But you know what? The same thing happens all the time.. I won’t try them and then a week before I go, I panic, perform and drive myself mad trying to sort out my wardrobe. This time, it’s going to be different, this time, as soon as I finish typing this blog.. I AM going to try my trousers!