The Sandwich Saga

Some women are so fussy about what they eat for lunch. Others, like Kristina and I, are even fussier, only because we love food, so each lunchtime is savored!

Roll on Saturday lunchtime. Every Saturday we have the “what do you want for lunch” saga.. “Oh I don’t know”.. anyway today’s choice was a toasted cheese sandwich from Costa, so Kristina and I ran out to get it. Little did we know what havoc we would cause.

Of course, when we got there, there was only one sandwich left.. Kristina agreed to let me have the it and she would have a tuna melt.. The new starter put the sandwiches in the toaster.. as well as another customer’s. Yes you’ve guessed it.. she gave my last cheese sandwich to the other customer.

Kristina noticed this mistake, but too late. The other woman left the shop with my sandwich. Once the mistake was spotted, the manager tutted loudly, ran out the door looking for my stolen sandwich, meanwhile the other manager searched frantically for another cheese sandwich, which no longer existed. With all the commotion going on, the new starter, stressed within a inch of her life, started crying. Kristina, our linguistic expert, started trying to calm her down with her school book knowledge of Hungarian… probably insulting her more in the process!

OMG this saga continued for 10 minutes, with a hysterical new staff member, an extremely apologetic manager and Kristina and I walking out without any lunch.. Whenever things like this happen, I always wonder what I would do in that situation, and do you know what? I would have done the same thing.. try and avert the crisis and if all else fails, just laugh!!!