The Roots of Inspiration

When our new team member (Marisa) first joined us she started curiously asking us what our design inspiration was for the upcoming season. Was it African Adventures? Hollywood Power? Painters of the 17th Century?
Well…Here at number 35, our main inspiration for the past 16 seasons has been the tree outside our showroom.
This is the part where you expect some artistic explanation of how the tree has grown and blossomed over the years and its fruit and ever-changing leaves have helped us create wonderful garments.
But the truth is, the only reason we look towards the tree for inspiration is simply because we’re too busy to look anywhere else!
We’d love to take 6 months off to go explore Japan, Antarctica and Latin America, but for now we can’t even seem to find 30 minutes to design our new collection! Being a small business with less than 5 staff means you’re always running around trying and get things done, so instead of going on ‘inspiration trips’, it’s your job to get inspired along the way, in the midst of all the running around. But luckily for us, that ‘inspiration’ can be anything… from a colour of a wall in Shoreditch to the shape of a window in an old building in Mayfair, to our beloved tree right here in Highgate. With that being said, every season there seem to be more ‘hits’ than ‘misses’, so we must be doing something right!
Maybe it’s the tree or maybe it’s just the way our amazing team works together… but we’ll only find out when we take that trip to Antarctica, won’t we!?