The number 35 Newbie

When a new member joins the number 35 team, we tend to overload them with questions…maybe too many questions at times : ‘So what’s it like working here? How does it compare to your previous job? What do you like most? Dislike most? What would you change about the showrooms? Do you love us already?’

What? We’re curious!!

Marisa, our newest team member, was indeed a victim of these questions a few too many times, so we decided to let her share her on our blog. Here’s what our lovely Marisa had to say:

‘When I first started working at number 35 I expected a quiet, relaxed atmosphere with work mostly revolving around keeping up customer service and maintaining the showroom. Reality: Wow, not so quiet at all!
Every single day is very intense: running all around London to reach manufacturers, collecting samples, alterations, contacting suppliers, serving clients and let’s not forget our customer service which has to remain at 100% no matter what.

It’s inspiring to work with Andrea as she’s the Iron Lady who keeps the company together. It’s certainly an amazing experience, challenging and enjoyable because after all the hustle and bustle we still manage to smile, joke and go home happy… and at the end of the day, isn’t that what every employee wants!?

Number 35 is run and ruled by women who understand the market, understand their clients and most importantly- know how to make working here a fun experience!