The ‘AAARRRGH’ Morning

The best word to describe this morning’s lengthy trip to the manufacturers is probably: ‘AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGH!!!!!!!’
I met Kristina at one of our manufacturers in Stratford. We had to collect some patterns from their studio, as they were moving. What we didn’t realise there were hundreds of the damn things.. Well it looked like hundreds.

My lovely car now resembled a cardboard warehouse with no space in the boot or back seat. Tough luck. Next stop- a second manufacturer, this time in Enfield. This is where my love/hate relationship with SatNavs came in. Except, for her (let’s call it a HER, just to make this more personal) it was definitely hate, as SHE led us on the looonngest, most traffic-filled route she could find. I knew I should have gone my own way, but I thought: ‘NO, she’s got GPRS on her side and I just have what I thought was a shorter route.’

The next bit of the journey went something like this:

Me: “Oh yay we’re finally on the North Circular! I think I have to exit somewhere here”…
SatNav: “Bear Right”
Me: That’s right, let’s just exit right here…. Oh **** !! I’ve gone left! What’s wrong with me!? Damn now I have to get back on the North Circ.
SatNav: ‘Bear Right’
Kristina: Andrea, you do know that’s left again, don’t you?

Poor Kristina probably thought she was going to die with laughter at that point, the two of us were creased up hysterically.. God knows how I managed to keep going without crashing!!

Eventually we got to Enfield and Kristina ran upstairs. 40 secs later my What’s App beaps.. ‘Andrea, the clothes aren’t ready’..

Frustrated, I told Kristina to come back to the car and leave them. And… you guessed it. As soon as we started driving away, the owner called: (*japanese accent*) “Klistina, wheh ah you, they ah ready!” OMG give me a break.

So I turned around and sent Kristina back and we somehow managed to fit the dresses ON TOP of the enormous pile of patterns in my boot. One more manufacturer.. and then back on the North Circ again… bearing RIGHT this time!