So many thoughts… so little time!

Last week I took some time to look around one of our showrooms (something I don’t often have time to do!). Over the last 6 months I’ve observed that our dresses seem to be disappearing off the rails much faster than trousers, skirts or shirts. GENIUS I KNOW!! Compare that to five years ago, there has definitely been a shift. Or maybe I was just going mad again?! To be extra sure I got Kristina to go through receipts from September – December 2008 and compare them to this season’s sales… and sure enough, 5 years ago women relied much more on trousers and skirts and in 2013 its completely different and 40% of our sales are dresses!!

The next stage for Kristina was to look at our immediate competitors and see what their ranges consisted of.. a sneaky look can do wonders.. out of all of our competitors, over 45% of their trousers were leggings (not the most appropriate style for the professional senior board member or lawyer!) Interesting that women are no longer turning to trousers for their first choice work attire.. So where does that leave our collection and our choices for AW14??

These are questions we have to ask ourselves with every new season we work on, along with: How has our client evolved since 5 years ago..or even since last year? What profession do our clients have? What new needs does she have and how can we cater to them? We also have an extra question that really does need to be addressed and that is.. do executive women in the US have similar needs to our clients here in the UK?

SO NOW not only do we have to stay true to the elegance and timeless number 35 collection but we also have to understand our US client, our UK client but also our smarter professional client and our more casual client. Soooo… when we think we have it nailed, actually we don’t.. its a revolving cycle and somehow I don’t think we’ll ever get it bang on.. but we certainly won’t stop trying!