Pressure Makes Perfect

At 5am this morning, (couldn’t sleep!) I was thinking about how our business has changed over the last 12 months. Although we are still primarily a retail business, our international mail order business has increased exponentially.. Then the brain starts ticking and linking thoughts together and before you know it, I had sorted out our whole business plan and what we have to do to improve things. (There are always so many things to improve in my business)

I started thinking about our very impressive delivery and our 100% non return success rate. Currently, out of all the orders we have sent out to new clients, not one piece has been returned. I started thinking why that was? All mail order companies have at least 50% returns, so why not us..? What makes us different? Is it our style, structure, fabrics or cut.. or was it because we double check each customer’s size and proportions and we won’t send the piece unless we know their shape and that the clothing will fit perfectly and beautifully. All this is great, but opportunities of scale need to be brought into consideration… and that is what my brain was working on at 5.30am..

So where did I get to? Well good question.. at that point, everything just faded and yes you’ve guessed it.. I bored myself so much it put me to sleep!!