Now it’s time to PANIC

On 7th January 2014 we were informed that one of the new pieces from our 35.DL  collection was going to be featured in US  InStyle (Feb 2014 edition), only 8million readers. Amazing! Great! So when does the issue come out? Oh, in 2 days…

What?? 2 days?! 

We had an idea that we may be featured but with the press, nothing is ever set in stone.. so our deadline to get the site up and running was a loose 10th of Jan.. The 8th comes and goes and we get an email from NYC, telling us that InStyle has been spotted in Barnes and Noble. OMG we were so far from ready!

Seriously on Thursday morning our online shop hadn’t even been put together.. pages had been done but not checked, photos had been cropped but not tested on the site.. our incredibly talented web guy, who’s routine was to go missing for 2weeks, showed up as he could feel my pressure from 20 miles away.

From 12pm the number 35 team stepped into action.. we worked and worked and worked.. uploading photos, checking text and finalising pages…And just when we thought we’d finished and it was all done…. I looked at the jacket that was being featured in InStyle and screamed.. ‘Kristina I hate the main picture of that red jacket!’. Were those words actually coming out of my mouth!? I guess the perfectionist me won the battle over the sleepy me because before I knew it I had the photographer on the phone, asking him to crop another shot of the jacket. We were told five minutes was all it would take. Well, never trust a photographer with a cold, guys! 30 minutes later, the online shop was DONE and looking FABULOUS!

So fabulous, in fact that we have to share it with you!


And if you’re as curious as we were to see that InStyle feature, take a look here: