Pre New York chaos

Hello everyone, It’s Kristina here.. blogging for a very busy Andrea!

I know Andrea has previously blogged about her manic trips to New York and what it takes to prepare for them. But this time, just as another trip is being organised, I’d like to share the chaotic experience from my perspective.

It all starts about 4 days before her departure, when Andrea finally decides to book a flight ticket (hallelujah!)
Then comes the dreaded ‘Kristina..what am I going to wear??’ This time the trip is about 35.DL so she needs a completely new wardrobe. Then I get “Will you come in early on Tuesday so we can go through everything and get the alterations done?” How can I refuse?
I then have 2 hours of Andrea not practicing what she preaches, and trying on dresses, “No don’t like that, no yuk” and so it goes on. We do get there eventually, thankfully!

Poor Nicci is harassed in a different way with her planning hotels, agenda, presentations, interviews, information.. you name it, Nicci has to find it mere hours before Andrea’s departure.

We then go into the last area that needs sorting and that’s the showrooms, clients, production and accounts. The amount of emails, phone calls,.. you’d think she was leaving the country for a year! But you know what, after all I’ve said, we love her and we we wouldn’t have her any other way, so we’ll continue to work in her madcap high disorganised, organised ways!!