The Universe Always Delivers

Tomorrow I am flying to New York for a week…Kristina’a blog post last week certainly detailed the chaotic days leading up to this! We are hosting a networking evening with Citi and Ernst and Young. It will be great to meet some potential new clients and see how NY women differ from London women. We also have some amazing press opportunities – which will be interesting and I will keep everyone posted (I know I’m a terrible communicator with all this social media, but I promise I will!)

What’s even more exciting is that when I was but a young girl (I know I sound like a poet), one of my dreams was to be a fashion designer, study at Parsons and live in New York. As you all know that didn’t quite happen the way I had dreamed it would and I ended up working at Fortnum and Mason.. and doing a completely different job (but still dreaming big!)

What I find so fascinating is that years later, my life has come full circle and I now have the opportunity to work with a great team in NYC and spend time there doing what I love: designing clothes and absorbing the wonderful energy! How lucky am I??