New People, New Pespectives

Yesterday was a mad day at number 35. Not only did a new intern, Larissa, start off in our Highgate showroom, but the whole day was filled with interviews for permanent positions. We met young girls with the most amazing CVs and it was so hard to choose between them! What struck me the most was how they all described number 35…. all similar descriptions, but with a touch of personal vision. Our pieces were described as everything from ‘sexy’ to ‘chic’ to ‘elegant’ to ’empowering’ to ‘unique business wear’ to ‘fabric focused’ and ‘perfect detailing on simple shapes’ .  I certainly do hope we are all those things!

Moreover, the applicants saw our ‘ideal client’ as a ‘power woman’ who wants to ‘look great, feel empowered and stand out’. Pretty accurate I must say!

That’s exactly why Kristina and I have had an agonizing morning, looking through dozens of CVs again, making decisions and solidifying number 35’s fate. Sounds dramatic, I know, but having a new member (or a few!) join our team will be a massive change, and hopefully a very positive one indeed!